Creating and Grading Assignments

Here is the Runestone guide for creating assignments: 

We recommend setting up an assignment for each lesson or groups of lessons where the lesson(s) are chosen in the Readings section as the assignment to be graded for interaction. In the problems section, we recommend just choosing the Challenge coding problem in the lesson to grade manually. 

Grading Assignments:

Some tips for grading:

Checking Student Progress:

Example of setting up a Pre-test assignment to see their pre-test scores:

1. Click on the Assignments tab, click on the Add button, and type in an assignment name like pretest and click on Create. Under Problems, choose the Pretest lesson and it will add all the problems from it. 

2. Then, switch to the Grading tab, and choose that assignment, and hit autograde. 

3. Then, switch to Student Progress tab, and click on the Gradebook button all the way to the right.

Practice Tool

There is a new practice tool that will display review problems. See  on how to sign up and use it.