Practice Tool

The Practice Tool that you can enable in Runestone has been shown to reduce the achievement gap between students by giving practice problems from the ebook every day to students to review material.

Practice Tool Webinar (Oct. 1st, 2020):

Quick Steps:

  • Go to Instructor's Page/Practice Tool

  • Fill out the form. We suggest 100 days of practice over the year. Choose Manual for the last question and scroll down to check off the lessons you have already completed with the class (wait until you've at least completed Unit 1). If it's taking a long time, check off each lesson one at a time, instead of the whole unit.

  • Tell students to do user icon/Practice every day

  • As you finish each unit, go back to the Practice Tool tab to add that unit's lessons one by one.

Runestone Instructor Guide Practice Tool Guide: (view in incognito mode or add as a book)

Practice Tool Webinar (Sept. 11, 2019):

  • Slides

  • Video (including chat text, Grading overview starts at 0:58).