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See page 4 of the Course and Exam Description (CED) for more details on AP Classroom

Students and teachers have access to the online AP Classroom platform and its resources (unit guides, personal progress checks, progress dashboard, and AP question bank) after the activation process. Activation is described on pg. 5 of the CED.

For teachers that are new to AP Classroom, the College Board has provided a series of tutorials that can be accessed once logged into https://myap.collegeboard.org/. The various tutorials that are provided help with everything from navigating AP Classroom to creating assessments.

Note: Because the personal progress checks are formative, the results of these assessments cannot be used to evaluate teacher effectiveness or assign letter grades to students, and any such misuses are groups for losing school authorization to offer AP courses.

College Board Professional Development

CSAwesome is one of several providers seeking endorsement from the College Board for the AP CS A course. The CSAwesome professional development is NOT a College Board sponsored AP workshop. College Board offers AP Summer Institutes and one-day workshops that support teaching and pedagogy. More information is available at AP Professional Development.