Leigh Anne Fitz

Princess Anne High School

Virginia Beach, Virginia

CSAwesome is, well...Awesome!

This curriculum is great for both students and teachers. The built in explanations, diagrams, and examples, along with the scaffolding of questions help students learn and be confident in what they are doing.  It is great for our district because we are a one-to-one school with Chromebooks since the IDE is built into the site.  The resources and support given to the teachers is comprehensive and amazing. This is one of the most enriching curriculums I have come across. 

Student-friendly curriculum and a supportive community

As the only Computer Science teacher at the high school for the last 5+ years, I have often felt isolated and without support. In the first year of teaching AP CSA, I know that I did not have the resources needed to be as successful as my students deserved. When the opportunity was presented by CSAwesome to participate in their professional development program, their active user group and their excellent curriculum, I jumped at the chance, and I am so glad I did! I have finally found a student-friendly curriculum and a supportive community, both of which are helping us take our CS program to the next level. Their support, guidance and patience rank far above any other PD organizations I’ve ever worked with in my 20+ years of teaching. Thanks, CSAwesome!!

Rebecca Stacey

McKeel Academy of Technology

Lakeland, Florida

Mark Hampton

Bradley Bourbonnais Community High School 

Bradley, Illinois

Two thumbs up AND 5 stars

CSAwesome is excellent. Not only is it strictly aligned with the College Board CED, it also makes a number of appearances in the CED for suggested activities and lessons. I abandoned [another] curriculum (which I had used for 3 years) and switched to CSAwesome, and I’m so glad I did. It saved me when we went to remote learning, the scaffolding and integrated practice is excellent, the immediate feedback is very helpful. I give it two thumbs up AND 5 stars.

"Young people today don't read, they click."

CSAwesome is one of the best-named resources out there because that's exactly what it is -- awesome.  It has just enough actual text to cover the concept, increasing the likelihood that my short-attention-span students will actually read it. It has interactive practice activities embedded into the text to support just-in-time reinforcement. The activities build until the student can bring it all together in culminating activities, all the while providing instant feedback. All of this is built on a streamlined LMS that keeps track of all student engagement and which can be selectively used for grading and assessment. On top of all this, the platform is free to use and comes with amazing community and author support.

I've been teaching for 33 years, mostly information technology focused subjects and CSAwesome is the best tool I've used to support my teaching in all that time. It gave me everything I was looking for and much more. All I can say to the builders and maintainers of this resource is my sincere Thank you!

Stephen Barner

South Burlington High School

South Burlington, Vermont

Kevin Blythe

Aberdeen High School

Aberdeen, MD

Invigorated my desire to teach

I have been "teaching" APCSA for about 18 years.  I say "teaching" because I consider what I have done is provide an opportunity for those who are interested in computer science to learn more, but the majority of their learning was based on their desire to learn themselves, as I didn't add a great deal.  I have lamented for many years that the type of resources provided by [CSAwesome] has been lacking in computer science.  [CSAwesome] has invigorated my desire to teach this subject.