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CSAwesome PD Options

CSAwesome PD is offered in four lengths and can be completed either online or hybrid (a mix of face-to-face and online). Support from a PD Facilitator that is experienced with teaching CSAwesome is provided during the PD and throughout the academic year. 

College Board Workshops and Summer Institutes: 

The College Board offers AP CSA specific training (either one day or 30 hours) for teachers preparing to teach the AP CSA course. Teachers may decide to attend a College Board Workshop or Summer Institute training and/or attend a CSAwesome PD. Attending both is encouraged, but not required. Learn more at


In some cases, grant funding may be available to help cover the cost of teacher participation in the CSAwesome PD. See our Funding page for more information on how you can attend a PD for FREE. If applying for funding, please wait to receive a decision from the team before registering.

Group and Partnership rates are also available. Email inquiries to

Credentials Offered

CSAwesome acknowledges the achievement of every teacher who completes the PD program by awarding the following:

Want to know more about the PD expectations and what is required to earn a certificate? Read more here.

Summer 2024  | California Summer of CS | Dates TBD

This opportunity is open to California educators only who are planning to teach AP Computer Science A with CSAwesome in the 2023-24 academic year.

Extended PD: Dates TBD

Time Commitment:

Register via 

Summer 2024  | 07/22/2024 - 07/26/2024 | Pathfinders Online Institute


Time Commitment:

Register via Google Form 

Note: U.S. public high school teachers can apply to attend for FREE via the Pathfinders Online Institute. 

Winter 2024 | NCCSE Mini-PD - Breaking Down FRQs

When: January 2024

Time commitment: 4 hours 

About: This mini-PD will be interactive and hands-on via Zoom. Join an experienced CSAwesome teacher and AP reader for a walkthrough of the AP CSA Exam, how to approach the Free Response Questions (FRQs) with your students. Practice solving and scoring FRQs during the hands-on workshop time. There will also be time to discuss FRQ best practices with other educators.

Cost: $100 per educator with a certificate of completion available upon request. (Note: academic year support is not included)

Summer 2024: College of St. Scholastica EDU 6730: Programming and Teaching Java

An Online Graduate Course part of the Certificate in Computer Science Education program at the College of St. Scholastica. Participating teachers can sign up as a non-degree seeking student. Note: CSP as a first requirement is waived if you have taught CS A before.

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Ongoing: UCSD EDS 324 Learn to teach Java course

Beth Simon's UCSD EDS 324 course  also on Coursera using CSAwesome.

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