Student Data Privacy

CSAwesome on Runestone Academy follows the Student Privacy Pledge: and has its own Runestone Academy Privacy Policy.

For students and teachers in states where Student Data Privacy laws are in place*, it is possible to set up a Runestone Academy course without personally identifiable information (PII) for students.  For instructions on Runestone Academy student accounts without PII, see

For Districts Requiring A Signed Agreement

Runestone Academy ( has signed the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) found here  with many states and school districts.  The map below shows states that have adopted the NDPA. If you live in a green (or maybe yellow) state, Runestone Academy can sign a contract with your district. If another district in your state already has a signed NDPA from Runestone Academy, then your district can sign Exhibit E and send a copy to Runestone Academy. See for more information.

If your state or district is using LearnPlatform, you can invite us to submit an application to sign the NDPA.

*If your school or district requires additional information or an addendum, please contact