Runestone Custom Course

To have access to the instructor's dashboard where you can create assignments and see your students' progress, you must create your own copy of the course following the directions below. All updates to the course are shared with the custom copies.

a.  Student-directed: Create your custom course. Tell your students to go  to and click on Sign Up and enter in the info to set up an account and enter Your Course Name (e.g. SchoolName-2023) into the Course Name field. Check the box next to “I agree” and click Sign Up.

b. Teacher-directed: If your students do NOT have Runestone accounts already, you can upload a csv file (save any spreadsheet as a csv file) with rows of username, email, first_name, last_name, password, coursename in Instructor's Page/Admin/Manage Students. You get to make up their usernames and passwords and register them for runestone and your course. See  on how to sign up students without PII and personal emails.