Unit 1: Getting Started and Primitive Types

Programming Challenges:

In this unit, students complete programming challenges that build toward the Enduring Understandings of

  • MOD-1: Some objects or concepts are so frequently represented that programmers can draw upon existing code that has already been tested, enabling them to write solutions more quickly and with a greater degree of confidence.

  • VAR-1: To find specific solutions to generalizable problems, programmers include variables in their code so that the same algorithm runs using different input values.

  • CON-1: The way variables and operators are sequenced and combined in an expression determines the computed result .

The challenges include:

  • Debugging

  • Weather Report

  • Dog Years

  • Code Tracing and Operators Maze

  • Average 3 Numbers

The programming challenges are opportunities for students to understand and debug existing code as well as code programs with expressions and various data types to help solve problems. Learning Objectives: MOD-1.A, VAR-1.A -VAR-1.C, and CON-1.A - CON-1.C.