Unit 5: Writing Classes

Programming Challenges:

In this unit, students complete programming challenges that build toward the Enduring Understandings of

  • MOD-2: Programmers use code to represent a physical object or nonphysical concept, real or imagined, by defining a class based on the attributes and/or behaviors of the object or concept.

  • MOD-3: When multiple classes contain common attributes and behaviors, programmers create a new class containing the shared attributes and behaviors forming a hierarchy. Modifications made at the highest level of the hierarchy apply to the subclasses.

  • VAR-1: To find specific solutions to generalizable problems, programmers include variables in their code so that the same algorithm runs using different input values.

  • IOC-1: While programs are typically designed to achieve a specific purpose, they may have unintended consequences.

The challenges include:

  • Riddle Class

  • Student Class

  • Comments and Conditions

  • Class Pet

  • Class Pet Setters

  • Song with Parameters

  • Static Song and Counter

  • Debugging

  • Bank Account

The programming challenges are opportunities for students to .... Learning Objectives: MOD-2.A - MOD-2.H, MOD-3.A, VAR-1.G -VAR-1.H, and IOC-1.A.