Unit 6: Arrays

Programming Challenges:

In this unit, students complete programming challenges that build toward the Enduring Understandings of

  • VAR-2: To manage large amounts of data or complex relationships in data, programmers write code that groups the data together into a single data structure without creating individual variables for each value.

  • CON-2: Programmers incorporate iteration and selection into code as a way of providing instructions for the computer to process each of the many possible input values.

The challenges include:

  • Countries Array

  • Spell Checker with 100 Word Dictionary

  • Enhanced Spell Checker

The programming challenges are opportunities for students to understand how to create arrays objects to manage data. Students also learn and practice implementing standard algorithms such as traversing arrays with loops. Learning Objectives: VAR-2.A -VAR-2.C and CON-2.I.