The CSAwesome PDs cover Units 1-6 in the summer and Units 7-10 in the academic year. Depending on which summer PD you are participating in, you may be completing only some of the units. The tables below outline the units covered in each PD format and the expected number of hours based on experience level. Further expectations for the PD are outlined below.

Immersion (experienced w/ Java): ~45 hrs of Summer PD + Academic Year activities

Extended (new to Java): ~65 hrs of Summer PD + Academic Year activities

Intensive 1-3 weeks

Extended 4-6 weeks


Participants in the CSAwesome PD should set aside approximately 8-10 hours per unit to complete PD activities including:

  1. Attend synchronous Zoom sessions with a PD Facilitator for 4.5 hours. Attending live is strongly encouraged, but recordings will be made available. Participants will be asked to complete an exit ticket after each meeting.

      • Meeting 1 Content and Curriculum (Required)

      • Meeting 2 Pedagogy and Practicum (Required)

      • Meeting 3 Collaborative Work Time (Optional)

  2. Approximately 4-6 hours to complete lessons and assignments in the CSAwesome Runestone E-book.

    • Content: Each unit assignment will include reading and interacting with content as well as programming challenges.

    • Lesson Plans: Review the CSAwesome lesson plans for each unit.

    • Discussion: Respond to assigned discussion prompts. Discussions are used to support reflection, allow you to evaluate a resource, or share concerns/thoughts about your specific situation so as to be able to benefit from each other.

  3. Interact and communicate with a professional learning community (PLC)

PD Facilitators will guide and support participants through completing the CSAwesome PD assignments by hosting the synchronous web conferences, presenting on CSA related topics, reviewing progress in the CSAwesome e-book on Runestone Academy, and providing feedback on programming assignments.


  • Be introduced to Java and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Become familiar with the AP Framework

  • Utilize the CSAwesome e-book on Runestone Academy and CSAwesome lesson plans to teach AP Java

  • Participate in a Professional Learning Community (PLC)

  • Understand CS pedagogy including inclusive and equitable instructional strategies for delivering computer science content


In order to receive a certificate of participation for either 45 hours (Immersion) or 65 hours (Extended) of professional development, participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the CSAwesome pre-test and pre-survey

  • Participate in all required video conference meetings

  • Successfully complete at least 80% of all assigned PD activities

  • Complete the CSAwesome post-test and post-survey

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